Patio Pavers, Driveways & Walkways

Custom paving and patio solutions for your home or business

When it comes to paving and stonework, we take every measure to ensure your new hardscape additions are built to last. Our landscape design and construction team will work closely with you to ensure that your new patio, driveway or walkway provides both functionality and curb appeal that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. Our Twin Cities and Fargo paving specialists will handle every step of the process, from initial design, to excavation, base preparation, installation, edging, sealing and after-care.

We offer a variety of materials such as brick pavers, natural stone, tumbled pavers, cobblestone and more.

But don’t stop there! Landscape’s wide array of landscaping services makes it easy to enhance your new patio, driveway, paver or walkway with decorative edging, plantings and outdoor lighting, without the hassle of coordinating separate contractors for each project.
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